Taking Off on a New Adventure!

For many years, I grew my skills as a videographer and photographer.  During those years, I had always wanted to learn to fly.  I finally took a flying lesson, and was hooked!  I earned my my pilot’s certificate.  Along the way, I found that I had rather ignored my cameras and my photography.

Chelsea On The Hearth
Chelsea On The Hearth

One day, I picked up a camera again and started doing the kind of photography I have always wanted to do – Glamour.  Without much hesitation, I delved into refreshing my skills as a photographer and making contact with models – both professional and amateur, as well as non-models, in order to actively work on my hobby.  While doing so, I learned what made my subjects want photos that were out of the ordinary – they were not typical portraits, but more of an expression of the woman.

Some wanted to kick-start a modeling career.  Some just wanted to be “glam for a day”. Others approached me for glamour photos because they had hit a milestone in their life and they wanted to celebrate.  In those cases, it wasn’t so much the photograph, but the act of posing that was their reward.

There’s a story behind every photograph and a motive for every woman who poses that is singular to her.

Taylorcraft - Model Year Unknown
Taildragger Heaven

Which brings me to airplanes.  Every airplane is different and has a personality of its own.  One Piper Cherokee, while ostensibly just like any other Piper Cherokee really isn’t.  For example, while one Cherokee may start within one or two revolutions of the prop, the next one may need some coaxing with a couple more primer shots, or a little more cranking.

And then there’s the lore of the airplane.  Since the Wright Flyer took to the skies in 1903, aircraft have evolved from rudimentary wood and fabric designs, to riveted aluminum and now, newer aircraft utilize high-tech composite materials that allow for sleek fuselage lines and amazing speed.

Aircraft are used for travel for pleasure, business, rescue and even war.  To say that there are nearly an unlimited type of personality for aircraft is just about right.  Single engine, multi-engine, rotorcraft and even UAV’s all have a strength, a purpose for which they were built.

So, why not combine the story of an aircraft, with a model (professional or not) to tell a larger story?  All the while combining glamour with a theme.  That is the purpose of this space – to share the results of that adventure.  Along the way, we hope to have some fun and meet great people – both those who own aircraft with a story to tell, and those who pose and help tell the story!

It’s going to be fun!

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